Heritage Windows

Astragal Bars

Astragal Bars can be fitted to any product, enhancing the look of windows, doors & conservatories by giving them the traditional Georgian appearance of individual panes. They are available in white or woodgrain foils.

The Astragal Bars are securely fitted by the use of ‘clips’ wrapped around the sealed units and centre clips with adhesive pads specifically developed to adhere to glass in all weathers. When ‘grids’ are specified. , they will be factory fitted to save time ‘on site’.

  • Option of either chamfered or featured Georgian Bar.
  • Comprises of edge clips, centre clips, and bars with mitred ends.
  • Both bars are 25mm wide and 16mm deep for an authentic finish.
  • Can be toe and heeled during installation.
  • Removes issue of failed ‘stick on’ alternatives.
  • Provides a more authentic finish.

Run-through sash horns

Run-Thru Sash horns create an attractive alternative to the traditional vertical sliding window. Available in both white and foiled options they are designed to appeal to homeowners looking to replace traditional sash box windows with a more cost effective and virtually maintenance free alternative.

These are fabricated by milling the profile into shape as opposed to the less effective screw on method.

The system provides safe cleaning of both sashes from the inside, security, high performance and aesthetically pleasing designs. Where required profiles can be formed to provide arch heads to match existing building details.

  • Sash horn option for O70 Gold system.
  • One piece sash horn end cap with an integrated gasket.
  • Dedicated die cast universal fixing bracket for mechanical sash joints.

French windows – floating mullion

French windows are designed to appeal to owners with small casements and also those looking for a traditional appearance. The floating mullion allows both sides of the window to be opened and offers an unobstructed view, creating a feeling of space. They are also ideal as a ‘fire escape’ solution where normal casements may not comply.

  • 070 or C70 profile.
  • Side opening casements.
  • Unobstructed view.
  • Ideal fire escape solution.

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